Intega comprises of four quality, testing and measurement businesses – T2ue, Raba Kistner, PPI and Construction Sciences.

Our services include

  • Construction Materials Testing (CMT) is provided on construction materials such as soil (earthworks), aggregates and concrete. These tests help determine whether the construction of a project is meeting the standards specified by the designer and the required regulations.
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) includes mapping the location and condition of subsurface utilities such as pipes and cables, which helps reduce the occurrence of interference and conflict with existing infrastructure.
  • Owners’ Representative Services ensure that the quality requirements of a build meet the agreed specifications and regulations for a project.
  • Environmental Testing includes testing soils, asbestos, groundwater quality, construction noise, dust and vibration levels to ensure that the build of a project meets the required environmental regulations.
  • Geotechnical Engineering includes design of temporary works, bored pile supervision, geotechnical investigation, site classification and pavement design.
  • Geomechanical Testing provides strength and friction parameters for use in design of infrastructure, mining and tunnelling projects.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical component for energy companies (oil, gas and wind farms) to ensure that when parts arrive at a drill rig or a processing facility, they are built and function as specified.

Intega’s History

Since 1968 the quality, testing and measurement businesses have grown throughout Australia and the Americas. Intega’s history has been formed through a number of acquisitions over the past 10 years which have operated separately since 2017 within the Cardno Group.

Intega’s Values

Safety Safety is our biggest standard, and is constantly updated to maintain the highest practice.

Approachability Our approachable attitude is manifested in everything that we do. We create sincere relationships with our clients, staff and partners which allows us to continue to be a trusted and dependable source.

Quality Our multi-faceted technical knowledge combined with our practiced years of professionalism, ensures that we are delivering a quality result across every aspect of our businesses.

Progress We create innovative solutions to stay ahead of industry demands. We adapt collaborative approaches to make sure our businesses remain relevant to the communities that we serve.

Board of Directors

Matt Courtney

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Hesselink

Chairman and Kiwa NV Chief Executive Officer

Salman Haq

Non-Executive Director

Senior management

Matt Courtney

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Leigh Whitton

Chief Financial Officer

Company Secretary

Courtney Marsden

General Counsel & Company Secretary